Greener for all of us.

Premiere Fibers’ stewardship procedures and operations serve to preserve and improve a positive environment, both socially and environmentally. With the ever-growing awareness of environmental and social implications, Premiere Fibers recognizes our stewardship commitment as both smart for the planet and smart for business.     

The stewardship benefits of our product include:

  • Dramatic water and resource conservation resulting from our solution dyeing process, thanks to eliminating separate dyeing procedures
  • High-content recycled fibers to conserve resources
  • Antimicrobial fibers that are formulated for environmental safety, keeping both people and the environment healthy   

Green Glass GlobeGreen products from Premiere Fibers empower customers to promote and celebrate the green aspects of their end products. Thus, we’re all making the world greener and healthier for ourselves and the generations to come.