Our mission is to provide continuous improvement, constant innovation, industry-leading technical support and dependable service, in order to provide our customers with the broadest array of specialty products, all with outstanding quality.

Located in the textile region of North Carolina, Premiere Fibers has the flexibility and quick turnaround to create highly customized performance POY and FDY fibers for the most demanding applications; industrial, military and apparel, just to name a few.


Long one of the best-kept secrets of the fiber industry, Premiere Fibers has been quietly leading the way in manmade fibers for decades. Our history of exceptional service includes:
Polymer Tanks   • More than 25 years of
     experience in
     Partially Oriented Yarn
  • More than 10 years of
     experience in
     Fully Drawn Yarn
  • Long-standing leadership
     in solution-dyed fibers

This history and the vast experience of our staff with multiple polymer types, has proven helpful to our clients time and time again. So when you choose Premiere Fibers, you are choosing quality, experience and results.